Our people

Empire Fighting Chance is proud to have built a team who are dedicated to transforming the lives of young people affected by inequality through the power of boxing.

Martin Bisp, our Chief Executive, voluntarily managed and coached at the Empire Amateur Boxing Club before co-founding Empire Fighting Chance and worked as a private sector business analyst for over 20 years.

Jamie Sanigar, our Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, has had a lifelong involvement in professional boxing and is highly experienced in running businesses, managing athletes and promoting large sporting events.

Our Board of Trustees brings a wealth of expertise to our charity. They manage our charity's resources responsibly and ensure that we are kept accountable. 

Our team of coaches, therapists, and operational staff are driven by the belief that all young people deserve a chance to thrive, regardless of their circumstances. Meet the team below.

Our Charity Ambassadors have partnered with us because they share a passion for supporting the most vulnerable in our society, and want to use their influence to help us effect change. 

Meet the team

  • Martin Bisp

    Martin Bisp

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Jamie Sanigar

    Jamie Sanigar

    Co-Founder and COO

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    James Baderman

    Director of Methodology and Programming

  • Website Staff Images (4) (1)

    Catherine Bisp

    Finance and Administration Manager

  • Website Staff Images (4) (1)

    Ally Britton

    School Liaison Officer

  • Dalma

    Dalma Divinszki


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    Michael Fuller

    Director of Growth

  • Chris

    Chris Gale

    Box Careers Manager

  • Titus

    Titus Gaunt


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    Emily Haberfield

    Fundraising Executive

  • Marcus

    Marcus Hopson


  • Kassia

    Kassia Humphries

    Fundraising and Administration

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    Helen Jenkins

    Family Liaison Officer

  • Luke

    Luke Jones

    Operations Manager

  • Oli

    Oliver Jones

    Coach (Wales)

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    Sam Kotadia

    Sport Psychologist

  • Jen

    Jennifer Mendonca


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    Elaine Miller


  • Toby

    Thobile Moreton


  • Aaron

    Aaron Morten

    Growth and Development Manager

  • Website Staff Images (4) (1)

    Hannah Owen


  • Harry

    Harry Powell

    North West Lead Coach

  • Eleanor

    Eleanor Sadler

    Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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    Simone Retief


  • Website Staff Images (4) (1)

    Jimmy Rowbotham

    Boxing Coach

  • Matt Webster

    Matt Webster

    Coach Supervisor

  • Serena

    Serena Wiebe


  • Emma

    Emma Whale

    Box Therapy Line Manager

  • Oli (1)

    Ben Whitworth

    Coach Supervisor (Wales)

  • Courtney

    Courtney Young

    Community Outreach Manager