Box Champions

Our 20-week programme is designed to empower young people aged 8 to 25 with the skills and inspiration needed to make positive changes in their lives. The programme combines non-contact boxing training with psychology-informed mentoring to create impactful and enjoyable sessions.

the programme

Our non-contact boxing training includes pad work, shadow boxing drills, punchbag workouts, circuit training, and skipping, all of which are timed to last for three-minute rounds, the same duration as a boxing round. During a one-minute rest period between rounds, our coaches can mentor the young person, building trust and rapport.

Throughout Box Champions, young people learn evidence-based personal development principles that help them understand the nature of the mind and normalise feelings they may be experiencing. This equips them with the skills to manage emotions, behaviours, and situations.

As trust grows between the young person and their coach, the coach supports them with setting personal goals that are meaningful to them. These goals may include returning to school, making new friends, or finding a job. By the end of the programme, young people have gained confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose that they can carry with them into the future.

Personal development principles

Examples of personal development principles used by our coaches include:

  • GO WITH THE FLOW: Fighting negative emotions makes us feel more stressed and by leaving them alone our mind will return to a clear and healthy state.
  • FEEL THE FEAR: To overcome difficult feelings we must not run from them but rather accept and confront them.
  • ACTION, NOT OUTCOME: Break down goals, which can often feel out of reach, into smaller targets or actions that are within our control.

Make a referral

To refer a young person to Box Champions, email [email protected]

When you make your referral enquiry, our helpful team will send you a referral form, information about our waiting list and other useful information to inform your decision. 


Box Champions impact

In 2023, 2,798 young people participated in our Box Champions programme. Of those we worked with...

  • 75%

    are more motivated

  • 80%

    stopped getting into trouble

  • 78%

    are more confident

  • 74%

    felt more in control of their life

  • 76%

    felt better about themselves

  • 72%

    are more positive about their future

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