Our impact

Making a positive difference to the lives of young people is the reason we exist and what drives us each and every day. 

We know we cannot change young people’s challenging life circumstances. Instead, our work equips young people to cope with the difficulties and crises they will face during childhood and their transition into adulthood, and gives them the best opportunity to flourish.

Young people go onto make positive changes to how they think and behave that boost their life chances. These include improved mental and physical health, reduced involvement in gang crime and other destructive behaviours, healthier relationships with families and friends, and improved engagement with education and employment. We help them fight to be happy, healthy and resilient.


Our programmes have been designed to achieve the following outcomes for young people:

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased resilience
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Improved school attendance
  • Improved anger management
  • A healthy support network
  • Employability or careers support

Read our impact reports from the past few years by clicking the links below to find out how we measured up. 

measuring impact

We measure our impact in several ways:

  • We designed an app to track the progress of each young person on their journey through each programme.
  • We aim for every young person to complete an end-of-programme questionnaire, and collect additional insights from parents/carers in a separate questionnaire. 
  • We collect ongoing feedback from key stakeholders and referrers, such as parents, carers, and schools.
  • Our Box Therapy therapists use validated NHS tools to track progress in each session.
  • We work with world-leading neuroscientists, criminologists, and mental health specialists to regularly review our processes and tools.

The year in numbers

In 2022 we reached 5,125 young people.

We supported 3,227 young people directly, at our gym and in schools. We trained boxing clubs and other partners across England and Wales to support 1,898 young people.

  • 2,113 young people participated in our enhanced Box Champions programme
  • 304 young people participated in our upgraded Box Therapy programme
  • 110 young people participated in our improved Box Careers programme

Our impact in 2022

  • 79%

    are more confident

  • 78%

    feel better about themselves

  • 78%

    feel fitter

  • 70%

    feel happier

    learn more