Daily remote support sessions

Join us virtually each week as we keep you occupied and engaged during this testing time with everything from live workouts, careers Q&As, discussion around boxing and fitness, and challenging our coaches to whatever fitness tests you'd like to see them tackle!

Join us virtually every weekday during lockdown as we offer you a wide range of support from live workouts, careers Q&As, discussion around boxing and fitness, and challenging our coaches to whatever fitness tests you’d like to see them tackle!


Our coaches have fed back that young people are struggling to stay motivated and cope with boredom during the coronavirus lockdown period, but we've got your back.

Our range of support options help build young people’s physical health and mental resilience during this difficult period. Keep fit, learn new skills and discover new possibilities for the future, so we can come out of this even stronger!

All our services are FREE during this period.  To book on a virtual boxfit or ask us questions in advance of our Careers Q&A or Virtual Drop In, call the team on 0117 4523333, email [email protected], or follow us on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/YouTube/Twitter and send us a message.



10AM: Virtual Boxfit - Zoom Video Conferencing
Join us for a weekly boxfit session using the Zoom video conferencing service. This is a great way to start your week off with a positive fitness routine so you can smash the week!

The session will last around 30minutes, and will be tailored for all fitness levels! Make sure you've got a bottle of water handy and some space at home or outside, and get ready to sweat.

All you need to do is download the Zoom app, then our team will send you a link to the virtual session via email, WhatsApp or text message. Use the contact details above to book in.


10AM: Live Workout - YouTube Live / Instagram Live

Join our coaches as they take you through another weekly live workout, every Tuesday at 10AM. Our workouts are suitable for all fitness levels, and we will showcase a full version and a modified, easier version of all your favourite exercises. Grab your water and a towel and get ready for our live stream at 10AM sharp on YouTube Live and Instagram Live.

1PM: Careers Q&A Session - Instagram
Our Careers Coach Aaron will be answering all your questions on Instagram from 10AM every Tuesday. We're on hand to help you through this uncertain time, when there are lots of young people who might be struggling to get a job or worried about how their career prospects will be affected.


All Day: Coaches Challenge - Instagram

We'll be setting a choice of challenges for our coaches to tackle online - they spend their time putting you through your paces and now it's time to get your own back! Always wanted to play coach and get your mentor to take on 50 squats? Maybe Matt should try 100 of those mountain climbers he's always challenging you to do?

We'll share options for you to vote on each Wednesday morning, and the coaches will share their videos of them taking on the challenge with the most votes!

3PM: Coach Q&A - Instagram

Following on from the coaches challenge, our coaches will be discussing some of the key issues that young people have been facing, and answering questions about any topic. Our community is there for all to support each other, and this is a great opportunity to seek further advice anonymously and share knowledge!

Send us a message on social media with your questions, and we'll do our best to answer!


All Day: Virtual Drop-In - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Join us for a personal development focused workshop, where we talk through how to manage your mental wellbeing. Using the insights which have formed the foundation of our 'Training with the Champions' 20-week programme, you'll learn about subjects like Gratitude, Kindness, Action Not Outcome, The Magic of Mini-Goals and other ways to make sure you're in control of your mood and mentality in the best possible way.

We'll also cover subjects like cutting-edge workout routines and exercises, nutrition advice, and tips to make sure you're optimising your physical health which will help you optimise your mental health at the same time.

Ask us your questions on social media and we'll come back to you with a response!

5PM: Live Workout - YouTube Live / Instagram Live

Coaches Jamie and Sara will be taking you through their already popular live workout, mixing it up each week. No need to book, just look out for the YouTube Live / Instagram Live links on our social media channels, and get ready for a fun and challenging workout!


All Day: Friday Forum - Twitter

Friday Forum is our boxing focused Twitter takeover from our Head of Business Development and #BreakingDownBoxing campaign host Jamie Parry. He's been talking you through boxing technique over the last few weeks, and now's your chance to have a conversation around anything boxing related. Who was your favourite boxer? What was their best fight? Who would you have loved to see matched up against each other?

We'll be setting you challenges throughout the day as well, so make sure your eyes are peeled on our Twitter feed!

In the meantime, check out our Content Hub for more cool content aimed to keep you engaged in your downtime. Try some exercises or boxing technique tips, and let us know how you get on!