Our impact

Making a positive difference to the lives of young people is the reason we exist and what drives us each and every day. 

We cannot change young people’s challenging life circumstances. Our focus is on equipping young people to cope with the difficulties they face to give them a fighting chance of realising their full potential.

Our work gives young people resources to transform their lives, such as self-regulation to manage emotions and behaviours, a support network and a positive outlook for the future. Young people draw on these to improve their mental health, reduce destructive behaviours, engage better with education, progress into employment and go onto live safe, healthy lives.

outcomes of our work

Our work has been designed to achieve the following positive changes for young people:

•   Improved emotional regulation
•   Improved sense or agency or control over their lives
•   Improved physical wellbeing
•   Increased self-confidence
•   Healthier relationships
•   A more positive outlook about the future
•   Improved mental wellbeing
•   Reduced engagement in destructive behaviours such as gang crime
•   Improved engagement with education
•   Progression towards productive and fulfilling employment

Read our impact reports from the past few years by clicking the links below to find out how we measured up.

measuring impact

We understand and evidence the difference we make to young people’s lives in several ways:

•   We track the progress of each young person on their journey with us.
•   We aim for every young person to complete a survey at the end of their programme.
•   We use standardised and validated evaluation tools that are widely used, including by the NHS.
•   We collect insights from parents and carers through semi-structured interviews and a survey.
•   We collect ongoing feedback from those who refer young people to us, such as schools.
•   We work with world-leading neuroscientists, criminologists, and mental health specialists to regularly review our evaluation processes and tools.

The year in numbers

In 2023 we reached 9,593 young people.

We supported 3,354 young people directly, at our gym and in schools. 

We trained boxing clubs and other partners across England and Wales to support 6,239 young people.

2,798 young people participated in our enhanced Box Champions programme.

338 young people participated in our upgraded Box Therapy programme.

218 young people participated in our improved Box Careers programme.

Our impact in 2023

  • 78%

    are more confident

  • 81%

    improved their mental wellbeing

  • 97%

    felt heard, understood and respected

  • 83%

    of parents said that Box Champions made a positive difference to their child

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