Box Champions Version 3 is Launched

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Empire Fighting Chance is proud to announce that Version 3 of our Box-Champions programme is now complete. Over the last year we have worked closely with our coaches and young people to explore practical ways to improve the delivery of the programme.   

We implemented their priceless feedback by making a few adjustments to the psychological themes of each session, we sharpened up the boxing metaphors, developed new engagement games and strengthened the link between our boxing-drills and the psychological insights being shared.

We’ve also incorporated a new box within each of the 20 sessions called; “Principle in Practice”. Inspired by our internal notes; it showcases how the young people are actively applying each of the psychological principles in their own lives.

“The Principle in Practice” also reminds the coaches that what we do works and the young people’s learning is not only contained within the session but is being taken home and applied by them in constructive ways.

Our refreshed Box-Champions programme is now being shared with our partners across the UK, helping them to deliver even more impactful and seamless Empire Fighting Chance sessions.

As the programme continues to evolve; the discipline of boxing continues to prove to be a powerful vehicle for young people to learn more about themselves and how to meet life challenges with clear and constructive minds.

If you would like to refer a young person to our Box Champions programme or require further information please email us at [email protected]