Interviewing Rhys, December's Champion of the Month

We caught up with our Champion of the Month for December, Rhys, to talk to him about his experience with boxing and Empire Fighting Chance.

Back in December we gave Rhys our Champion of the Month award, where he received an Empire Fighting Chance cap and his framed Champion certificate. Click the link above for more on Rhy's progress, but below, words from the young man himself in conversation which his Coach, Aaron.

Do you think boxing with Empire has helped you in school? 

Yeah, it’s helped me in my house as well. It’s helped me to control myself cos I have a little sister and she tries her hardest to annoy me and my brother, so I’m able to keep myself cool now. I’m not the favourited people in school so I get a lot of people saying stuff.

Cool, so you think boxing has helped you control your emotions inside and out of school?

Yeah! I can keep calm, it’s helped me learn new things which is always helpful in life. It’s been amazing really.

Cool, do you think it’s helped your fitness? 

Yeah, I used to be a fat boy!

But you’re now fitter… What about the goal-setting we do, like with your skipping. Do you remember when you first started compared to where you are now with your skipping, how did you get from A to B?

Trained here, picked tips from you, after realising how helpful it is I went home and bought my own skipping rope, started training there and looking up on the internet, new tricks, so I could show you every time I came back how well I’ve been improving, and like I said in the beginning 

when I’m around you I can’t do anything but then the moment I’m in the house and doing double-jumps and cross-overs, not only has it helped me like fitness but it’s also helped me mentally, so now I find things easier and understandable, instead of looking at something on a test and just giving up and showing off or something. But it’s been really helpful to me.

Well done to all involved at Rhys' school Hawthorn High and Rhondda Cynon Taf Youth Engagement and Participation Services (YEPS) for Rhys' progress.