Champion of the month - Renee

Renee is our new champion of the month! Find out how much she's progressed over the last year.

Renee has been attending sessions at Empire Fighting Chance since September 2018. She is a 21-year-old psychology undergraduate studying at the University of the West of England (UWE).

Renee started coming to us to get fit, to feel more comfortable with herself and to be able to express her emotions positively. She expressed a desire to learn how to manage her internal anger and to have a sense of structure and release.

Initially, she struggled with attending sessions consistently and would be quite shy and quiet in her sessions. She worked hard and enjoyed pushing herself physically but only started opening up after a month. Over time, she got comfortable sharing her thoughts and worries with her coach Shiren and would even come for her session when she was not feeling well just to be able to chat.

Together they worked on self-kindness throughout her sessions, by asking her to share three things she is proud of herself for every week at the end of each session. She has learned how to cope with her bad days better and developed healthier coping mechanisms.

Renee has been focusing her efforts on positive actions by applying for jobs and requesting career support from Shiren in order to plan for her future. She has increased her boxing training by engaging in additional sessions through attending the Saturday ladies classes and Thursday girls group. Renee even started to bring her little brother Kaine to the gym, who enjoyed the fitness sessions and rock climbing at Bloc Climbing Centre so much that he didn't want to leave!

Renee was recently interviewed by Positive News UK about the impact we have had on her well-being, including the photoshoot below, organised by Extract Coffee.

Overall, she has achieved her outcome goal of learning how to deal with stress better and feeling empowered and strong. She has expressed an interest in competing in boxing and engaging in other sports such as running as well. In her words, the thing she loves the most about coming to Empire Fighting Chance is the support she has received as well as how she feels happier after every session.

Well done on all your hard work and for being our Champion of the Month, Renee!