World Title Challenger Meets Young Achievers

World Title Challenger Lee Haskins presented achievers from City of Bristol College with Empire Fighting Chance T-Shirts and a pair of tickets to his upcoming world title fight on June 13th.The college have been engaged with EFC on a 'Fit to Work' programme where young people from a variety of trade courses such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry attend the gym for a session that incorporates a tutorial session, football and boxing.This week the tutorial was given by Lee Haskins who spoke about the dedication and commitment that it takes to succeed as a professional boxer. Lee shares a similar background to some of the young men on the course and it was inspirational for them to hear him talk about the ingredients to become successful through hard work and perseverance.Following his tutorial Lee awarded three of the young men who had stood out over the course of the programme.City of Bristol College have been delighted with the partnership with EFC and will be continuing to implement the weekly sessions into their timetable throughout the 2015-2016 academic year.IMG_3064

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