"This is the sort of place you don't even realise you're being cured, but you are" - The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry

The Duke and The Duchess of Sussex paid us a visit last week, to discuss how boxing can impact the lives of young people.

Despite heavy snow late Thursday evening, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited our gym last Friday to talk about the positive power of boxing and how early interventions - such as the non-contact boxing provision that Empire Fighting Chance provides - can have a huge impact on mental health.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were met by local schoolchildren as well as staff, trustees, and Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees. Both enjoyed the visit, laughing and joking with the young people as well as staff.

As reported in Bristol Post, Prince Harry said:

These days we know that mental health is so important and that it affects so many people, so how do we start to deal with that?
In the UK we have a great affinity with sport - and I think boxing in particular - that can have a really positive impact.

The thought of sitting down in a chair, one-to-one, with a therapist, can be a real deterrent. However, this is the sort of place that you don't even realise you are being cured, but you are. Centres like this are so vital, but it's a time where it seems like they are having to close their doors more and more.

What is being achieved here is so important, especially for our young people. It really is incredible to see.

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry

Photography © Kane Rich - Empire Fighting Chance