New project at Morecambe Football Club is off to a flying start

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A Restore Empire Fighting Chance session at Morecambe Football Club in collaboration with Morecambe Community Sports is off to a flying start.

The project aims to support young people to better understand and manage their emotional health.

Young people on the pads at the RESTORE Empire Fighting Chance sessions at Morecambe Football Club in Lancashire.

Restore is a schools programme that takes place across Lancashire. It is facilitated by industry professionals including experienced PT instructors and well being experts and supported by youth workers and creative practitioners. 


It is designed to "enable, empower and inspire young people to develop their core fitness and physical health and enhance their emotional wellbeing. "


As part of the Restore programme, Empire Fighting Chance have delivered a series of workshops to workers and coaches on boxing drills and the Empire principles. These principles are a set of psychological tools that underpin our practice, to ensure young people learn and grow emotionally when engaging in the coaching process.


Sam Harding, the Emotional Wellbeing practitioner for Lancashire Youth Challenge who co-ordinates the sessions, said: "Using the Empire principles as a focus point for each session helps give the young people something to work towards and achieve by the end of the session."


Boxing coaching drills taking place outside by the stand in the Morecambe Football Club stadium

The project has been funded by Break the Mould and Francis C Scott Trust, and being at Morecambe Football Club gives it some kudos for young people. Young people have not only been learning new boxing techniques and about the impact of exercise on wellbeing, but all about having a growth mindset, which can support their reactions to life's challenges. 


Two of the Empire Principles the young people have focused on in these sessions include  'Awesome Exercise' and 'Growth Mindset.'


Empire's North-West lead coach Harry has supported coaches and youth workers on the Restore programme to implement the Empire Principles into their coaching practice

Sam explained : "Awesome Exercise' is helping them understand the importance that sport has to our mental and physical health.


Whereas, 'Growth Mindset' has helped them work at their own pace and give them their own personal areas of growth that they want to work on each session."
These principles don't just stay in the session though, they are transferable to life outside. Sam continued : "They are all  applying the principles to their life and telling us about how they are actioning these in their daily lives. 
Young people looking over the pitch at Morecambe Football Club. The team are currently in League Two of the EFL (English Football League)

North West coach Harry paid a visit to the session to support the delivery, and was suitably impressed. He said : “I came up to support Lancashire Youth Challenge with the delivery of this programme. Seeing the engagement of the young people involved and the confidence grow as the session went on, was great to see."
Adding, “Growth Mindset was used during the week I was there, which helped all the young people go at their own pace and have their own goals that they wanted to grow and improve by the end."
To find out more about the Empire Principles click  here.