EFC Partner with St. Matthias for Alternative Education Programme

Empire Fighting Chance and St. Matthias Park PRU have joined together to launch an exciting new alternative education programme on June 16th specifically designed  for boys aged 11-13 years old. The programme targets those with persistent disruptive behaviour, difficulties in establishing and sustaining positive relationships, low self esteem and self confidence or frequent fixed term exclusions from school.With a strong focus on learning and personal development the aim of the programme is re-engagement in learning. The young people will share their time between EFC and St. Matthias for 25 hours per week where they will gain functional skills in entry level in English, Maths and ICT as well as accreditation in Food Studies, Art and Fitness.The individual personal development mentoring programme will provide imperative behaviour and re-integration support  throughout the programme and continue with the young persons transition back into their mainstream school.After the programme has finished all of the participants will be welcome at the Empire Fighting Chance's Summer Activity Programme free of charge where they will be provided with a range of activities including martial arts, boxing, street dance, drama and a free lunch!efc

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