Cricket Legend Graeme Swann Visits EFC


ENGLAND cricketer Graeme Swann made a to visit the Empire Fighting Chance programme to launch a new Christmas campaign entitled #myextratime for BT Sport's charitable initiative, The Supporters Club. The Supporters Club wants people to donate their time to make a difference to the lives of young people this Christmas and throughout 2015.

I am a BT Sport ambassador and part of that is encouraging people to donate their time to young people this Christmas and throughout 2015, Swann said.

I have come to Bristol to do just that. I know absolutely nothing about boxing but I wanted to come and donate a few hours and see what the guys get up to here.

He added: The Supporters Club has proved it is a unique force for good in the UK and with just a little bit of extra time from people this Christmas, projects around the country can do so much more.

It doesn't take any money or indeed very much time. Get involved, spend time with a local charity and do what you can. We all have skills that can help local projects and charities. If I, as a former cricketer, can help budding boxers, then anything is possible.

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